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The pretrial space requires solutions that can collect the data necessary to make informed and defensible decisions and support highly capable industry professionals and outside stakeholders so they can make confident decisions and keep communities safe.

equivant Pretrial understands our customers because our staff has been in our customers’ shoes. Our team of former practitioners and in-house senior developers have over 100 years of cumulative experience with the Northpointe Suite and have held a variety of positions in pretrial, probation, and corrections agencies throughout the country.

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We know that funding is always top of mind. We’re here to help you implement efficiencies and report on key metrics and data points that will allow agencies within your state to roll out better programs, standards, initiatives, and more. From providing validated assessments and customizable data interfaces to offering a beginning to end pretrial supervision platform that keeps data at the forefront of every task, equivant Pretrial exists to offer you a data-driven comprehensive solution to help improve public safety.

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Pretrial Meeting to review Data


When you are tasked with owning all oversight that comes with the complex functions of pretrial assessments, supervision, communicating court dates to defendants, system to system data streams, and of course – understanding all data that pertains to your agency, you need a reliable and proven solution to support your staff, their caseloads, and defendants. Whether you’re looking for a complete software management package or are most attracted to specific solutions, equivant Pretrial helps you to streamline your processes, manage caseloads, save your team time, and so much more.


The day-to-day operations and strategic oversight required for a heavy caseload is overwhelming. Your software solution should save you time and help to lighten your load – all while providing you with best-in-class resources relating to validated assessments, effective oversight and supervision, appearance reminders, communication with judicial officers, and more. equivant Pretrial allows for assessments that help you make data-driven decisions, improve community safety, and simplify the flow of information to everyone involved – all while keeping you organized, strategic, and productive.

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When your job revolves around ensuring that everyone stays up and running day in and day out, the software you work and integrate with is extremely crucial to your success. Our team at equivant Pretrial works alongside you to roll out software customized for your team’s needs, including data integration, comprehensive implementation, trusted hosting, and SOC-2 Type 2 informed compliance and security. We know that our progress is dependent on yours, which is exactly why data interface capabilities and more support your role and simplify your to-do list.


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