Solutions: Pretrial Assessments

Quickly and effectively prepare pretrial release recommendations with validated assessments.

Be confident in your ability to collect and prepare assessment, charge, and other information vital to ensuring consistent release recommendations. Create immediate, data-driven reports providing a seamless and efficient process for Judges and other Judicial Officers in their release decisions.

With dashboards that include assessment queues, configurable decision and condition matrices, and options for customized court reports, release recommendations can be made more rapidly, consistently, and confidently.

Preparing Pretrial Assessment on a Laptop

What they do

To best respect the rights of defendants and safety of your community, we have a library of validated pretrial assessments from which to choose.

The Public Safety Assessment (PSA) is an actuarial assessment that estimates failure to appear in court, new criminal arrest while on pretrial release, and new violent arrest while on pretrial release. Use of the PSA, in combination with other pretrial improvements, is associated with improved outcomes such as higher rates of pretrial release and reduced use of financial conditions of release. These outcomes do not negatively impact crime or court appearance rates.

The Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (VPRAI) and the Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument-Revised (VPRAI-R) is primarily intended to be completed after arrest and presented at the first court appearance to determine the supervision level for those defendants placed on pretrial supervision.

The ORAS-PAT is designed to be predictive of both a defendant’s failure-to-appear and risk of violating pretrial supervision with a new offense.

The PRAXIS is a Michigan Pretrial Risk Assessment objective tool that identifies the likelihood of failure to appear in court and the danger to the community posed by a defendant pending trial.

The California Pretrial Assessment–Revised (CAPA-R) is a seven-item actuarial assessment designed to estimate a person’s risk of arrest for new criminal offenses or failure to appear for scheduled court dates while on pretrial release. The CAPA-R does not require an interview and can be easily scored by hand. The CAPA-R was validated in a large California County in 2020.

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  • Allow you to choose a validated, actuarial assessment that best suits your workflow, process, defendants, and jurisdiction policy
  • Organize all defendant and assessment data under a master person identifier to view the span of activity at either a person or case level
  • Provide a pretrial case summary detailing information such as bond, recommendation, release conditions, and next court date for the judge and other stakeholders


  • Pretrial Service Agencies
  • Courts
  • Supervisors
  • Administrators
  • Directors
  • Pretrial and Probation Officers
  • Defendants


The first step to impartial and consistent pretrial release recommendations is the use of validated instruments.

Designed for pretrial and probation agencies, our solutions create more efficiency for release decisions to be made while working to support your agency’s efforts for increased appearance rates and enhanced public safety.


  • Confidence in a solution developed by practitioners for practitioners in partnership with in-house senior software developers
  • Streamlined planning
  • Mitigation in case of litigation
  • Data-informed decisions and best practices
  • Time savings for pretrial services and Judicial Officers
  • Software that configures quickly and seamlessly
  • Services including implementation, data integration, data migration, secure cloud hosting, and research and validation studies
  • A proven, person-centered approach 
  • Exceptional customer experience, including a customer care department and account and customer success managers