Pretrial software solutions developed by practitioners partnered with our in-house team of senior software architects. Built and integrated with the trusted and proven Northpointe Suite.

Rely on validated processes and automated tools that help streamline every step of pretrial. From assessments to court date reminders to analytics, and more, you’ll be able to effectively supervise pretrial defendants while easing the burden on officers’, directors’, and administrators’ shoulders.

The truth is that even though stakeholders work diligently for the best outcomes, high volume caseloads often result in an overwhelming amount of data entry and task management. That’s where equivant Pretrial solutions can help. Informed by our background as practitioners, each solution has been honed to complement workflows, integrate into systems seamlessly, and deliver functionality that efficiently and effectively supports staff in their daily operations.

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Pretrial Assessments Icon
Pretrial Assessments

Be confident in your ability to provide clear and concise information using actuarial tools that support judicial officers in their release decisions.

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Pretrial Supervision

Effectively oversee defendants who have been released into the community, reduce FTA rates, track compliance, and save hours of work, time, and energy.

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Court Date Reminders

Our court date reminder capabilities improve court and appointment appearances with multiple opportunities for SMS-text and email messages. Officers can also send direct text and email communications right from within a defendant’s record. Save time and make reminders more convenient!

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Judicial Portal

Judicial officers can easily manage queues of defendants, their vital information, charges, and pretrial risk assessment results in the Judicial Portal. This configurable, secure, web-based solution provides complete and immediate information, supporting any agency workflow.

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Data Integrations

Ensure assessment results, court dates and appearance, conditions, appointments, and outcome metrics can seamlessly be shared across systems to reduce duplicate entry and see all critical information in one place.

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Data & Analytics

Aggregate and analyze data on outcome and performance metrics, including concurrence, release and FTA rates, public safety, intervention, and success, as defined by your agency. Configurable dashboards seamlessly display schedule information, caseloads, reporting requirements, and more.

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Custom Forms

Create a variety of custom forms to provide efficiencies across your workflows.

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